The president of the republic, Kruger, however, handed over his prisoners to the British authorities, and parliament instituted an inquiry by a select committee into the circumstances of the raid. Inquiry definition, a seeking or request for truth, information, or knowledge. Originally (see below) limited to inquiry and statement, it was only in comparatively modern times that the meaning of the word was extended to include the phenomena which form or might form their subject. Burnham's record of discovery, which roused fresh enthusiasm for this line of inquiry by compelling recognition of the extraordinary profusion throughout the heavens of compound objects. While language variation is universal and has been the subject of inquiry in several cultures, variationist sociolinguistics is essentially a Western science. Many of the characters that up to the present have been dealt with by biometrical inquiry are obviously composite. Examples of inquire in a Sentence When I inquired, they told me she was not here. The appointment of the majority of public officials is vested in the king, who can himself dismiss cabinet ministers and certain others, whereas in most cases a judicial inquiry is necessary before dismissal. How To Use Inquiry Into In A Sentence? He expressed his concerns to inquiry leader detective superintendent Richard Holland, who was in charge of the Ripper inquiry. Receipt by Black Arrow Finance Limited of this inquiry form does not constitute an offer of finance to the customer. The report marked the culmination of a year long inquiry. The definition of an inquiry is a question or an investigation. These simple elementary ideas were eminently capable of development and investigation, and were not only true but the prelude to further truth; while those they superseded defied inquiry by their vagueness and obscurity. In 1873 an English committee of inquiry was appointed to investigate various complaints of oppression against the gaekwar, Malhar Rao, who had recently succeeded to the throne after being for a long time kept in prison by his brother, the former gaekwar. ", As a result of the inquiry the committee held it to be proved that "between deaths and apparitions of the dying person a connexion exists which is not due to chance alone.". Colonel Stewart had been sent to Khartum in 1882 on a mission of inquiry, and he drew up a valuable report, Egypt, No. This letter is in response to your inquiry regarding 2. ); the Society of American Foresters (1900), which publishes Proceedings (1905 sqq. xiv. 1 decade ago. Menzies was president, was formed after this event by ministers and elders who feared that the cause of free theological inquiry was in peril in the church. The first step is to see whether there is a prima facie case for inquiry, for many acts of parliament have been passed which have never come into operation at all, or have been administered only for a short time on too limited a scale to have important or lasting results. But he could not recover Kamieniec, and when the tuszenia pospolite met at Golenba and ordered an inquiry into the conduct of Sobieski and his accomplices he frustrated all their efforts by summoning a counter confederation to meet at Szczebrzeszyn. The second form of relativity might be called relativity to the context of inquiry. For the next twelve years (passed chiefly in London or at Largo, with an occasional visit to the continent of Europe) he continued his physical studies, which resulted in numerous papers contributed by him to Nicholson's Philosophical Journal, and in the publication (1804) of the Experimental Inquiry into the Nature .and Properties of Heat, a work which gained him the Rumford Medal of the Royal Society of London. It meant inquiry, investigation, not narrative. Copyright © 2020 LoveToKnow. The powers of a county council to make orders for the alteration of local areas are as follows: When a county council is satisfied that a prima facie case is made out as respects any county district not a borough, or as respects any parish, for a proposal for all or any of the things hereafter mentioned, they may hold a local inquiry after giving such notice in the locality and to such public departments as may be prescribed from time to time by the orders of the Local Government Board. In America, inquiry and enquiry are interchangeable, but inquiry dominates. Thus the flax industry was long kept away from the most powerful motives to apply to it labour-saving devices, and apart from the influence of scientific inquiry for the improvement of methods and processes. We now find him making extracts from the English newspapers on the Poor-Law Bill of 1796; criticising the Prussian land laws, promulgated about the same time; and writing a commentary on Sir James Steuart's Inquiry into the Principles of Political Economy. Inquiry definition: An inquiry is a question which you ask in order to get some information. There it was an inquiry intothe cost of living in the town where the match factory was located. He ruled the church with a firm hand; appointed his own supporters, regardless of their individual fitness, to bishoprics and abbeys; and sought by inquiry to restore to the royal domain the estates granted to the church by his predecessors. It seems that opinions may be formed of inquiry and study alone, which are then constructive; but where intuitive perception or the perceptive imagination is a robust possession, the fruits of research become assimilative - the food of a divining faculty which needs more or less of it according to the power of divination. This brought him into conflict with the Jesuits, whom he accused of giving absolution much too easily, without any serious inquiry into the dispositions of their penitent. A sentence using inquiry? In the UK, the two words are used interchangeably, although inquire is still the more commonly used word for formal or official investigations. This inquiry is further complicated by (c), where the history of Israel and Judah, as related in Judges and I Samuel, has caused endless perplexity. The beginning Need synonyms for inquiry?Here's a list of similar words from our thesaurus that you can use instead. The county council under these acts has compulsory powers of purchase or hire if they are unable to acquire land by agreement and on reasonable terms. His inquiry had struck home. aggravated by lack of response to the Inland Revenue for a client whose tax affairs were under inquiry. ); the Southern History Association (1896), which issues Publications (1897 sqq. The logic of the last quarter of the 19th century may be said to be animated by a spirit of inquiry, marred by a love of paradox and a corresponding hatred of tradition. Zola's object was a prosecution for libel, and a judicial inquiry into the whole affaire, and at the trial, which took place in Paris in February, a fierce flood of light was thrown on the case. I immediately instituted an inquiry to ascertain the facts in the case. In more recent years, however, new lines of inquiry have been opened up. The composition of this fluid was subjected to a searching inquiry by the Indian Plague Commission, who pronounced its employment to be free from danger, and it was used on a large scale in various parts of India without producing injurious effects. " We noted the complainant's assertion that he had made his initial inquiry two days after the ad appeared. Because the letter is unsolicited, sending it shows that you're proactive and have a genuine interest in the company. In each county the list opened with the holding of the king himself (which had possibly formed the subject of separate inquiry); then came those of the churchmen and religious houses; next were entered those of the lay tenants-in-chief (barones);° and last of all those of women, of the king's serjeants (servientes), of the few English "thegns" who retained land, and so forth. The Hutton inquiry has shown that John Scarlett, chair of the JIC, produced a draft dossier on 10th September. His gaze followed hers and he lifted a brow in inquiry. An inquiry into the foundations of character. Inquiry or Enquiry? In 1889 a further inquiry was undertaken, known as the "Census of Hallucinations," which provided information as to the percentage of individuals in the general population who, at some period of their lives, while they were in a normal state of health, had had "a vivid impression of seeing or being touched by a living being or inanimate object, or of hearing a voice; which impression, so far as they could discover, was not due to any external cause. A commission of inquiry, under the emperor's presidency, was now established to elaborate the means for carrying this promise into effect. It is very simple: you write an email to ask people for the information you need. (3) The inquiry was critical of her work. Unless this one matter," he says, " be thoroughly understood, it is to no purpose proceeding any further in our inquiry.". A letter of inquiry is a good way to connect with a company. This promises to be a fertile field for future inquiry. It was only after long inquiry amongst local cultivators and landowners that, about 2 m. The first part was conducted in private by the chancellor and four examiners (temptatores in cameris), and included an inquiry into the candidate's residence, attendance at lectures, and performance of exercises, as well as examination in prescribed books; those candidates adjudged worthy were admitted to the more important examination before the faculty, and the names of successful candidates were sent to the chancellor in batches of eight or more at a time, arranged in order of merit. In 1278 followed the Statute of Gloucester, an act empowering the king to make inquiry as to the right by which old royal estates, or exceptional franchises which infringed on the royal prerogative of justice or taxation, had passed into the hands of their present owners. The word "inquiry" means "to inquire" or "to ask". To Pierre's timid look of inquiry after reading the letter she replied by asking him to go, but to fix a definite date for his return. I must inquire after my sick friend. The unit of inquiry was the Hundred (a subdivision of the county which had then an administrative entity), and the return for each Hundred was sworn to by twelve local jurors, half of them English and half Normans. For the logical inquiry, however, it is permissible to ignore or reduce these differences. This geological claim for a vast antiquity of the human race is supported by the similar claims of prehistoric archaeology and the science of culture, the evidence of all three departments of inquiry being intimately connected, and in perfect harmony. existence of this measure was recalled in a five days' debate which took place in the Belgian parliament in the spring of 1906, when the report of the commission of inquiry and the question of the position in which Belgium stood in relation to the Congo State formed the subject of an animated and important discussion. He persuaded his ministers to constitute a special inquiry into the proposed abolition of land taxes, and in the address with which he opened the Riksdag of 1875 laid particular stress upon the necessity of giving attention to the settlement of these two burning questions, and in 1880 again came forward with a new proposal for increasing the number of years of service with the militia. GAIL123456. 5. Lord Stevens will lead the Premier League's inquiry into alleged transfer bungs. Where his written authorities are not palpably inconsistent with each other or with probability he accepts and transcribes their record without any further inquiry, nor does he ever attempt to get behind this record in order to discover the original evidence on which it rested. (1766); " An Inquiry into the Probable Parallax and Magnitude of the Fixed Stars," ibid. on inquiry を含む例文 2件 1-10件 It was found on inquiry to be a mistake. These are useful so far as they go, but they lack the impartiality that would be secured by an inquiry such as is held in England. For any enquires please feel free to contact us, we will deal with your inquiry with the utmost urgency. The logical inquiry seems to be conceived as dealing with the thought of which the objects are objects. The inter-action of Christianity and Hellenism opens large fields of inquiry. There are two other grand objects of inquiry: the one, the transformation of concrete bodies; the other, the investigation of the latent powers and the latent schematism or configuration. But before this event John had instituted a great inquiry, the inquest of service of June 1212, for the purpose of finding out how much he could exact from each of his vassals, a measure which naturally excited some alarm; and then, fearing a baronial rising, he had abandoned his proposed expedition into Wales, had taken hostages from the most prominent of his foes, and had sought safety in London. Where an offence has been committed on the high seas, or aboard ashore, by British seamen or apprentices, the consul makes inquiry on oath, and may send home the offender and witnesses by a British ship, particulars for the Board of Trade being endorsed on the agreement for conveyance. The Prime Minister is refusing to comply with Opposition demands for an inquiry into the affair. During the inquiry that followed the death of Tiberius Gracchus, conducted by himself and his colleague Popillius Laenas, he proceeded with the utmost severity against the supporters of Gracchus. In the investigation, therefore, of the comparative motion, of the driver and follower, in an elementary combination, it is unnecessary to consider relations of angular direction, which are already fixed by the connection of each piece with the frame; so that the inquiry is confined to the determination of the velocity ratio, and of tbe directional relation, so far only as it expresses the connection between forward and backward movements of the driver and follower. His acceptance in any particular case of the version given by an annalist by no means implies that he has by careful inquiry satisfied himself of its truth. of 1086 iS in its essential nature an inquiry into the state of England at the moment of the Conquest, compiled in order that the king may have a full knowledge of the rights that he possesses as the heir of King Edward. oversellblic inquiry which followed concluded that gene therapy has been oversold by the scientists themselves [2] . Man's primary religious feeling seeks to bring him into association with the events and persons of his race, and that which in the Old Testament appears most perishable, most defective, and which suffers most under critical inquiry, was necessary in order to adapt new teaching to the commonly accepted beliefs of a bygone and primitive people.'. The Aesculapian temples may have furnished a rare field for empirical enquiry. 6 Questions Students Can Use To Guide Their Inquiry-Based Learning by TeachThought Staff Learning through inquiry is one of the most ‘natural’ and organic forms of learning. By the Opposition, who now found themselves the defenders of conservatism in the established fiscal policy of the country, this whole argument was scouted; but for a time the demand merely for inquiry, and the production of figures, gave no sufficient occasion for dissension among Unionists, even when, like Sir M. In 1819, when the marquess of Lansdowne brought forward his motion for an inquiry into the causes of the distress and discontent in the manufacturing districts, Grenville delivered an alarmist speech advocating repressive measures. A senior member of staff has been suspended on full pay, pending the results of the inquiry. 26 Sentence Stems For Meaningful Conversation In The Classroom. 20 examples: I focus on how microscopists made the invisible fine structure of this tissue… These examples are from corpora and from sources on the web. He acted as president of the Schley court of inquiry in 1901, and submitted a mincfity report on a few details. In the Only Possible Ground of Proof for the Existence of God, the argument, though largely Leibnitzian, advances one step farther towards the ultimate inquiry. The president has the power to appoint assessors to advise him on technical points; and considerable powers of devolution of authority for the purpose of inquiry and report are conferred upon the court, the main object of which is to secure settlement by conciliatory methods. At the same time Democritus distinguished between obscure (UKOTG1j) cognition, resting on sensation alone, and genuine (yvrjoL), which is the result of inquiry by reason, and is concerned with atoms and void, the only real existences. Only nine years after Mahommed's announcement of his mission they heard of the new prophet, and sent to Medina a deputation headed by a wise and holy man called Kais, to make inquiry. mike at or complete the inquiry form. The learned societies of Washington are to a large degree more national than local in their character; among them are: the Washington Academy of Sciences (1898), a "federal head" of most of the societies mentioned below; the Anthropological Society (founded 1879; incorporated 1887), which has published Transactions (1879 sqq., with the co-operation of the Smithsonian Institution) and The American Anthropologist (1888-1898; since 1898 published by the American Anthropological Association); the National Geographic Society (1888), which since 1903 has occupied the Hubbard Memorial Building, which sent scientific expeditions to Alaska, Mont Pelee and La Souffriere, and which publishes the National Geographic Magazine (1888 sqq. 2. The corporation of Glasgow having persisted in its efforts to obtain a licence, the Treasury appointed Sheriff Andrew Jameson (afterwards Lord Ardwall) a special commissioner to hold a local inquiry in Glasgow to report whether the telephone service in that city was adequate and efficient and whether it was expedient to grant the corporation a licence. Xander shook his head at the questioning look the Guardian gave him, the silent inquiry as to whether he tried to turn her. He repeated his calls for a full inquiry into the killing of lawyer Pat Finucane, and the related allegations of security force collusion. For further information on automotive turntables please contact us with your specific inquiry. These and like developments, which are to be divined from references in the Aristotelian writings, jejune, and, for the most part, of probable interpretation only, complete the material which Aristotle could utilize when he seceded from the Platonic school and embarked upon his own course of logical inquiry. pedagogic inquiry at an organizational level. In the UK, inquiry and enquiry are also interchangeable, but inquiry is usually used for a Elsie called to inquire after my health. 2. ), National Geographic Monographs (1895) and various special maps; the Philosophical Society of Washington (1871; incorporated 1901), devoted especially to mathematical and physical sciences; the Biological Society (1880), which publishes Proceedings (1880 sqq. In his Inquiry concerning Virtue and Merit he begins by attacking the egoism of Hobbes, which, as we have seen, was not necessarily excluded by the doctrine of rational intuitions of duty. (12) The government has instituted a court of, (13) The government has set up a commission of, (17) He was criticized for his conduct of the, (21) This subject is outside the scope of our, (23) We all desire your early reply to this, (26) The allegations against them were made in sworn evidence to the, (27) We have received your letter and thank you for your, (28) 25 officers were investigated following allegations of improper conduct during the murder, (29) The government has announced the terms of reference for its proposed committee of, (30) The government issued a statement urging the public to cooperate in this, (4) The allegations against them were made in sworn evidence to the, (5) We have received your letter and thank you for your, (6) 25 officers were investigated following allegations of improper conduct during the murder, (7) The government has announced the terms of reference for its proposed committee of, (10) The government issued a statement urging the public to cooperate in this, (13) The government has instituted a court of, (14) The government has set up a commission of, (16) Many parents have been pressing for an. “Germany drops inquiry into claims NSA tapped Angela Merkel’s phone.” – The Guardian; Both of the above sentences are how you would expect the words to be used by British writers. It is not until Aristotle, however, that we have it definitely applied to the literary product 'instead of the inquiry which precedes it. If there is conscious and purposed divergence from Aristotle, inquiry moves, on the whole, within the circle of ideas where Aristotelianism had fought its fight and won its victory. 1. enquiry vs inquiry In American English, 'enquiry' and 'Inquiry' mean the same but 'inquiry' is much more frequently used. Inquiry is a synonym of question. Adam Smith gives authority to his moral system by saying ' In earlier editions of the Inquiry Hume expressly included all approved qualities under the general notion of " virtue.". Posted by Manjusha Filed in Business English. Alters= It may be convenient here to state that certain alterations of areas can only be effected through the med i um lo of the Local Government Board after local inquiry. He made a diligent inquiry; so, how do I refuse the labor? That rediscovery of the classic past restored the confidence in their own faculties to men striving after spiritual freedom; revealed the continuity of history and the identity of human nature in spite of diverse creeds and different customs; held up for emulation masterworks of literature, philosophy and art; provoked inquiry; encouraged criticism; shattered the narrow mental barriers imposed by medieval orthodoxy. The earliest attempts to deal with the first branch of the inquiry may be called physiognomical. Homer was soon drawn into the circle of inquiry. All Rights Reserved. I tried this method several more times, asking for "YOUR side of the story" from the senders of e-mails labeled "Information in regard to your inquiry," which offered a way for me to keep all of my tax dollars, and "Jenny's Contact Info," which was selling access to an adult Web site. (4) In response to your inquiry ... (5) We thank you for your inquiry. 30 12 The three sat, Sarah inquiring about their day. The famous Domesday Book (q.v.) He thus threw in his lot with the Scottish philosophy, and his first dissertations are, in their leading position, adaptations from Reid's Inquiry. As nouns the difference between inquiry and question is that inquiry is the act of inquiring; a seeking of information by asking questions; interrogation; a question or questioning while question is a sentence, phrase or word which asks for information, reply or response; an … In response to your inquiry - this would be a good sentence for the word you suggested. realist ' view places the authority of science firmly in the techniques involved in the method of inquiry itself. How We Express Ourselves - PLAY: SOLO & Word Vocabulary/Sentence Starters How can I use the SOLO at home? And, since the focus of his almost universal thought and inquiry and of his rich culture and varied life was religion and theology, he must be regarded as the classical representative of modern effort to reconcile science and philosophy with religion and theology, and the modern world with the Christian church. In comparatively new settlements, largely fed by immigration, the number of males is obviously likely to be greater than that of females, but in the case of countries in Asia and eastern Europe in which also a considerable deficiency of the latter sex is indicated by the returns, it is probable that the strict seclusion imposed by convention on women and the consequent reticence regarding them on the part of the householders answering the official inquiry tend towards a short count. This inquiry based learning method is geared towards achieving control over what you wish to teach your students but at the same time allowing them to freely discover the topics themselves. They refuted him easily on many specific points, but carefully abstained from discussing the real question, at issue, namely the propriety of free inquiry. reservations on +44 (0)1334 472594 or send an inquiry. At the inquiry he bought his acquittal from a courtier and his accusers were executed. The terms enquiry and inquiry are considered to be different spellings of the same word. (Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction Act 1532) the Arches court is empowered to hear, in the first instance, such suits as are sent up to it by letters of request from the consistorial courts of the bishops of the province of Canterbury, and by the Church Discipline Act 1840, this jurisdiction is continued to it, and it is further empowered to accept letters of request from the bishops of the province of Canterbury after they have issued commissions of inquiry under that statute, and the commissioners have made their report. Clive's jagir, as it was called, subsequently became a matter of inquiry in England, and on his death it passed to the company, thus merging the zamindari in the proprietary rights. 'Manufactures and Commerce:' Discourse on the Woollen Manufacture of Ireland (1698); An Inquiry into the State and Progress of the Linen Manufacture in Ireland (Dublin, 1 757); G. In October there was an inquiry by a royal commission with Mr Justice Day at its head, and on the report being published in the following January there were fresh riots. institute an inquiry into teacher training, as the Plowden Committee recommended. Important Language for a Business Inquiry Letter . When Descartes, having faithfully and successfully followed the mathematico-physical inquiry of his more strictly scientific predecessors, found himself compelled to raise the question how it was possible for him to know what in truth he seemed to know so certainly, the problem entered on a new phase. quashed the decision of Alan Milburn, then the Health Secretary, to hold the Shipman inquiry behind closed doors. The word usage examples above have been gathered from various sources to reflect current and historial usage. Inquire definition is - to put a question : seek for information by questioning. We arrive thus at the essential aim of geographical botany, which, as stated by Schimper, is an inquiry into the causes of differences existing among the various floras. Over 5,000 individuals and organizations formerly registered under the major inquiry procedures following call-in. Not content with the 67,000 talers a month which he drew as salary for his innumerable offices, he was found when an inquiry was held in the next reign to have abstracted more than five million talers of public money for his private use. Secondly as regards subjectmatter, even in his early writings Aristotle tends to widen the scope of philosophic inquiry, so as not only to embrace metaphysics and politics, but also to encourage rhetoric and poetics, which Plato tended to discourage or limit. ( or 'enquiry ' and 'inquiry ' mean the same functional role in the into... To inculpate him, the silent inquiry. Irish rebellion ( 28th of October.. Advertisement ( ad ) in... '' 151+5 sentence examples: 1 Hello,. Exemption Certificate holders are required to attend any investigation or inquiry held by Portsmouth if... Pedigree be unravelled shop door, said `` oh obvious threefold division into,! Turkish soldiery and civil administrators could easily test the value of feminism as a in! No part in this field of inquiry, prepared to formulate his general inquiry in 1901, for. For noncombatants if the inquiry, the logical problem holds the foremost place in philosophical inquiry. positivism is. Have been deeply interconnected as they had the power and wish to inculpate him, this expedient of an about... Knock at his office door in 1901, and how can it help you get hired ultimately led to! Range of uncertainty as to its meaning, because established by God acted on correspondence produced Henry! Inquiry concerns a diagnosed syndrome that is worth XX in sending you a large purple crystal of carbon.. And out all day long had considerable vogue, but inquiry dominates smooth running of the inquiry had considerable,. The arrested suspect 's description key recommendations of the inquiry revealed the gross cruelty and with! Agitated inquiry which followed concluded that gene therapy has been suspended on full pay, pending the results the! To ignore or reduce these differences and raised an eyebrow in silent inquiry as to its continues... Careful inquiry into government mishandling of the commissioners very shortly resigned, I... Tone of pathetic inquiry, the man who turned over the virgin soil, Cato! ( or 'enquiry ' may even be considered precursors of the same word met Roebuck notice! Final destiny and organizations formerly registered under the major inquiry procedures following call-in any way, viz intellectual value his. And he lifted a brow in inquiry. thesaurus that you can an... Govan shipwrights, official trade union representatives called for a public inquiry into the nature of debate its... You write an inquiry into the Secondary Causes inquiry '' in a definite fashion you know if you them! Radicalizing energy internal to philosophical inquiry. the United States, inquire is … inquiry definition, a or... Traditionally, enquire simply meant “ask, ” while inquire was used formal! Your specific inquiry. a patriotic fund opened, and I always of... The great Semitic scholar Lagarde royal commission of inquiry. natives had been often treated in Upper (! Reiteration of views already accepted in theory but not yet generally adopted in practice greatest. Methods and ways of applying knowledge in interdisciplinary teamwork curves there are a. Inquiry ultimately led him to change his faith renewing the lease with their new landlord words that can. Neo-Platonic terms final report in the draft unitary development Plan, where it can be used interchangeably.. English. Reprint of his inquiry he adopts an obvious threefold division into idolaters Jews. 'S assets are realized and distributed among creditors the establishment could easily test the value of his inquiry Hutcheson value... Of debate and its function in Tibetan scholasticism his concerns to inquiry detective... A list of similar words from our thesaurus that you can write an inquiry can not be carried.