P3-Outline what is meant by the terms conformity and obedience with reference to the public services Stanley Milgram Solomon Asch The Milgram Experiment is slightly relevant as it shows how lightly people will hurt people is a figure of authority with some relatively well This is a very general statement, but if you think about it, in the military, in the police, everyone has to follow set guidelines to be effective. Informational motivations to report accurate information at test are also thought to play a role. The police must act in conformity with the law. For example, in … As you read this chapter, keep in mind that conformity is another example of the ongoing interactive dynamic among people. For example, research has shown that source misattributions account in part for conformity in eyewitness reports, as individuals sometimes claim to remember seeing items of information that have actually been encountered from a cowitness. Conformity is determined by the person-situation interaction, and although the situation is extremely powerful, different people are more or less likely to conform. Also explains why they are important to UK public services, with consequences with research studies evidence. For example, you might say that you like dub-step music because many other people in your class like dub-step music and you wish to fit in, however privately you dislike this style of music. For example, the difference in the percentage of pedestrians looking up for 5 people versus 15 people in the crowd looking up was smaller than the difference for 1 versus 5 people in the crowd looking up. Everyone needs to know their job, their place, and their boundaries, or else problems arise. Man (1969) identified an additional type of conformity… Explain. Therefore for that short period the expert is the boss. Conformity is a type of social influence involving a change in belief or behavior in order to fit in with a group. This might be seen in a road traffic accident where the police would be the one with the higher status until the vehicles become on fire then the Fire service become the bosses because they are the experts. Outlines the meaning of conformity and obedience and how they are represented within the UK public services. The USA is a good example that demonstrates that guns in the hands of citizens do not reduce the crime rate or … Although conformity bias refers to our own tendency to take behavioral cues from the actions of others around us, in what ways do you think conformity was actively encouraged by the political climate or police forces leading the volunteers? Explain. For example if someone is an expert in an area they will be given temporary authority. Identification. It is similar to compliance as there does not have to be a change in private opinion. 2. Conformity provides predictability, and continuity between individuals. What was the role of conformity bias in the situation described above? Examples of dangerous conformity from our history include Hitler, the Nazis and followers during World War Two and pretty much any extreme racial group such as the KKK ,ISIS or Al-Qaeda. There is also evidence of conformity with respect to charitable donations. By Stabroek News. Identification is the middle level of conformity. A good example is Zimbardo's Prison Study. ... police officers.